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Ask Louise

My family and I are planning a visit in April to confirm our interest in moving to Dubai. We are currently finishing our stay in Mongolia. My wife is looking for advice on appropriate attire that is culturally sensitive. Any advice or guidelines?

When traveling around Dubai she should dress conservatively ie trousers, dress covering the shoulders or skirt no shorter than knee length. Tops should not be see through and should cover the shoulders. She should not wear shorts or t-shirts with no sleeves these however can be worn on the beach or at a hotel pool. It will be hot when you are here in April but the air-conditioning in malls and restaurants can sometimes be ferocious so pack a shawl!

For more information read Expat Echo’s article
on Public Decency Laws in Dubai

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for a definitive response. I am sure she will find it very useful.

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