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Ask Louise

Hi Louise , how much can I roughly earn as a senior hair stylist- colour technician in one of the big salons in Dubai? Would it include any kind of ‘package’ Also are their any wholesalers around that I can buy l’oreal products from?

For this question I contacted the “Dubai Hair Doctor” and this is what he said:
From what I can gather this varies very much from salon to salon. Some do include packages and good salaries. My advice would be to shop around and do not sell yourself short, you can find comparable pay to that in the UK but the hours and expectations of the salon owners are very high. One key thing to remember is that British stylists and colour technicians are very high value and can command more than the average. With regards to L’Oreal products I know personally of one, Nazih in Sharjah 065739392 .There are undoubtedly more. They stock major brands but don’t expect to get the same range of choice as you get in the UK.”

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