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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise, I have mold in my house, you know any disinfection company using with out chemical product to reduce the mold.. Thank you.

A Hi, There is a company in Dubai called “Enjo” who sell a range of environmentally friendly fibers which clean your home mechanically, using only cold water! Enjo fibers (“ENJOTex”) are microscopically small fibres, that reach into the smallest pores and tiniest crevices. The fibers trap and hold the dirt and bacteria which are removed quickly and efficiently without the need to use chemicals. I contacted them and this is what they said.
“The mold that is being referred to is presumably in the bathrooms? If the mold is pink, brown or black (as long as it is not embedded in silicon), it can all be simply wiped off with the Enjo Bathroom fibre and cold water. We do stock a product called Calcium Dissolver (which is eco-certified according to European standards), which we only use if the fiber needs ahand – for example if the mold has been there for over a month.”
You can find the company details on

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