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Ask Louise

I have been offered a job in Dubai and plan to come over for a visit with my wife in the next month, firstly to see if we like the city and take in some of the sights. We would like to go up the Burj Khalifa however, a friend of mine was in Dubai last week and told me they never managed it as the queues were massive – how can I avoid this?

This past two weeks have been very busy in Dubai as it has been the spring break vacation choice for many countries. What I would suggest is booking your tickets on-line before you come, as it is very popular. Booking in advance will also save you a lot of money as it will cost AED100, whereas if you buy a ticket for immediate entry it will cost you AED400.

I would also recommend to book a viewing time at night and see the lights of Dubai, because if you book a ticket for the day the weather could be very hazy and the sights hard to see. Going during the day is great for people who really know Dubai and can pin point all the places they know, like their house, school etc. but does carry a risk of low visibility especially as the weather gets hotter. Check out the digital view cameras that tell you what you are looking at!

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