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Ask Louise

Hi Louise, I have heard about dogs being stolen in Dubai lately. Can you please shed some light on this and whether it actually happens? I have two small dogs that gather lots of attention and would be devastated to move out and have anything happen to them. Where would be the best and most secure place to live with dogs? Thank you!

I have never heard of anyone having their dogs stolen. I, and thousands of other expats have dogs here and I have not personally heard of anyone having their dogs stolen before. As far as the best places to live with dogs I would say the newer communities of Arabian Ranches, The Meadows, The Villa and Victory Heights are great places for small dogs as there are lots of pathways through the communities to walk the dogs. I would caution however, you cannot take the dogs off their lead anywhere. Dubai is not an ideal destination for big dogs because of this rule, but some residents take their dogs out into the desert to give their dogs a good run.

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3 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Tess Lorrigan says:

    Dogs are stolen REGULARLY! I suggest you contact K9 Friends, the police and many of Dubai’s vets to hear of this awful problem.

  2. Leeanne Smith says:

    I did see a few ads on Dubizzle reporting lost dogs, so my concern comes from there and 2 large dogs stolen from the same house. 🙁
    I don’t want to believe its true, but clearly does happen. I would never forgive myself for putting my dogs in that situation…

  3. Louise says:

    Thanks Tess for highlighting this. Our Pet department is getting in touch with a few vets and K9 to discuss this problem. I do know you should be careful when advertising a dog needing a “new home” when leaving Dubai as gangs have been known to buy dogs and use them in dog fights – so check who you are really leaving the dog with.

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