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Ask Louise

I have always wanted to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. At the moment I am working in SA as a Finance Project Manager however, I am from Europe. At the end of the Project I would like to move to Dubai. Could you please help me as to where to start with seeking jobs or build up professional and personal relationships?

First of all, I would urge you to try and make contact with any colleagues that work or have worked in the UAE to try and get some firsthand introductions. I would then encourage you to contact some of the business councils (we have both South African & European ones in our directory) for any introductions they may have. From South Africa, look on-line for jobs and by email, contact some of the major recruitment consultants in the region such as Bayt.Com, Michael Page, Kershaw Leonard, and BAC Executive Recruitment. Finally, if you have time try and take a trip up here to meet personally with the recruitment consultants. Please bear in mind the summer holidays, including Ramadan, will soon be upon us in July so business will slow down then. For personal relationships, please see our social clubs directory.

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