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Ask Louise

How much are the fees for a residence visa application for my child, under the sponsorship of my husband (Ajman Free Zone visa)? Regarding the tenancy contract, what if our tenancy is provided by the company, is it fine that the contract is under the name of my husband’s sponsor (boss)? How long is the visa process?

Kindly note that applications for family permits cannot be processed through the Government Service office of Ajman Free Zone. The Sponsor (father) will need to visit Ajman Immigration Department in order to file the application for his child.

Approximate government fees are as follows:

Dependent Entry Permit (outside country application):

  • normal processing: 250 AED plus 20 AED courier charge (Empost).
  • urgent processing: 350 AED

Residence permit:

  • normal processing: 300 AED
  • urgent processing: 400 AED

If the Tenancy Contract is in the company’s name, an additional signed and stamped letter from the company will be required, confirming the name of the employee that is using the company’s accommodation.

The processing time depends on the procedure that has been selected: normal or urgent. Normal (standard) procedure takes 10-15 working days, while for urgent processing 2-3 working days will be required.

3 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Jesse says:

    Thank you Ask Louise!

    Please help, I’m totally lost. I’ve been searching on Google but I can’t find the procedure for a residence entry permit for my daughter. Can you please advise where and what to do, step-by-step if possible and the fees as well.

    The sponsor is her father, under the visa of Ajman Free Zone Authority, monthly salary is 4,000AED and accommodation is provided by the company (under sponsor name).

    Thank you again!


  2. Louise says:

    My original reply states that the Sponsor will need to go to the Ajman Immigration Dept, and the fees are set out in the original answer too.

  3. mglorioso says:

    Hello Jesselyn,

    Here is some additional information from Expat Echo Dubai that may help you…

    Requirements for sponsoring family members in Ajman:

    Passport copy of each applicant (passport must have validity of at least 6 months).

    Passport copy of sponsor (inc Residence permit page).

    Fully legalized Marriage certificate. If certificate is not Arabic, it must be translated prior to legalization process.

    Fully legalized Birth certificate of child. If certificate is not Arabic, it must be translated prior to legalization process.

    Salary certificate issued by Ajman free zone.

    Tenancy contract (as discussed above).

    Emirates ID Card of sponsor.

    NOTE: Authority reserves the right to request additional documentation.

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