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Ask Louise

I got a job offer as an expat for my company in Dubai, which I’d like to take. Here’s the thing:
My fiancĂ©e is a German doctor, currently specializing in dermatology. The question now is whether she’ll be able to work as a doctor and continue her specialization in dermatology in Dubai. By the time we move she’ll have approximately 7-8 months of practical experience, plus 12 months of practical internships in India, Switzerland, Togo and Germany.

Does anybody know what she’ll have to do to get a license to work in Dubai? The DHA told us last week that it wouldn’t be possible for her to get the license since she hasn’t finished her specialization yet. However, the Ministry Of Health told us that she’d have to take a test and would be able to get the license. What is wrong, what is right? Any help is appreciated!

These would be the same departments that we would contact to get the information. What I can also suggest however, is you contact and take advantage of the services of Dubai Healthcare City, which assists in both obtaining a permit and setting up a healthcare practice within its free zone.

If any of our readers can shed further light on this matter we would love to hear from you.

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