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If an employee is of professional status and earning over Dhs 12k a month, will they get a ban if they leave employment to move to another company after less than 6 months with a company?

If an employee has not completed 2 years of employment with their current employer, he/she will be automatically banned by the Ministry of Labour for 6 months.‎

An employee will be able to lift the 6 months work ban if he/she will be paid by the new employer according to his/her educational qualification.‎

If an employee holds a University/MBA degree, he/she should earn a minimum 12,000 AED a month in order to lift the ban. Diploma holders (post secondary) should earn not less than 7,000 AED and workers who have passed high school should be paid a minimum salary of 5,000 AED. Employees will need to submit fully legalized educational certificates proving their qualifications.‎

Furthermore, if an employee is on a limited contract and has not completed the period of employment as indicated in the contract, the employer may request a one year work ban which cannot be lifted.

Kindly note that the above rule is applicable if both, current and new employer are private companies registered with the Ministry of Labour (outside a free zone).

For more information, kindly refer to this article, as taken from the Move One corporate blog.

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