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Ask Louise

Hi Louise! Good day! My husband might be working in Abu Dhabi and I would like to know if there is a job category for him to obtain a husband and father visa for me and our son? If so, what are the requirements? Finally, can we stay in Dubai if the residence visa is issued in Abu Dhabi? Thanks!

Family members can be sponsored as dependents under a husband’s/father’s visa, once employment permits for the main applicant are fully ready and provided his salary is not less than 4,000 AED.

Certain job categories are not allowed to sponsor permits for family members in the UAE, even if the minimum salary requirement is met (refer to below link for list).

Family permits must be processed in the Emirate where the main applicant’s permits were issued. Residents of one Emirate can live freely in any other UAE Emirate.

Please refer reader to our UAE Immigration country profile, Spouse and Children section.

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