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Ask Louise

So wonderful to have found this website! My husband and I are considering moving to Dubai, near Media City. He is looking at a job for a Creative Director at an advertising agency. We are wondering how we can find out what the average salary for this kind of position is over there? Also, when doing research online it’s easy to get slipped up on the cost of housing, are there any good websites you could suggest for looking at the cost of living? What does a one bedroom really go for? We have been told that it is essential to have a car when living there, is it easy for expats to purchase cars, as they have no credit history in the UAE?

Hi, glad you like the website! I would recommend you contact recruitment consultants to get an up-to-date average on what salary this position would be able to get in Dubai. Click here for a list of local recruitment agencies.

As far as the cost of housing, like any big city the price depends on where you live but if you were to choose a popular location convenient to Media City, such as Jumeirah Lakes Towers, a one bedroom could cost you about Dhs 60,000 per year. Take a look at our Community Guides to give you an idea on areas and costs, or contact 1Step Properties for further advice and availability.

Yes, even though the public transport network has improved immensely over the past few years, with the introduction of the metro and more buses it is advisable to have a small car as the heat makes it impossible to walk around the city and your workplace may not be convenient to a metro or bus stop. It is also good to have one at weekends for exploring the region. Buying a car is easy and there are many great deals on second-hand cars with Dubai being such a transient place. Click here to read about purchasing a car. Please note for financing a car the bank will need to see a few months of salary slips however, as most new arrivals to Dubai have no credit history in the UAE the banks require a salary certificate from your employer.

It is a great city to live in so I hope you manage to make the move.

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