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Ask Louise

Dear Louise, I am glad to find this website. My husband got a very good job opportunity here in Dubai and has been living here since February. Now I am about to follow him (we are from Austria) but I feel very homesick so far. I am now looking for any contacts to share time with others and to get friends maybe. We have no children, are round about 40 and pretty “flexible”. Where can I find and get into contact with some others who meet and spend some nice time together? Austrian, German, others…? I would be very grateful for your answer…. Best regards!

If you are into sports I can highly recommend joining one of the Dragon Boat Teams such as Dubai Sea Dragons or Baracuda Paddlers.  This is obviously a team sport and is full of different nationalities, you will get fit and make some good friends or if you like golf why not join Women’s Golf in the Middle East.  They offer lots of opportunity to play golf with other women.  If you don’t already play golf why not learn and take group lessons with other people – a great way of making friends as you all struggle together to play golf! Most of the golf clubs in Dubai offer lessons.  If you are not sporty volunteering for a charity such as K9 is another way to make friends.  Check out the German Women’s Association and also our Hobby Directory (another great way to meet people).  Remember don’t stay at home get out there and meet people – everybody has been in the same situation at some point and are all very welcoming.

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  1. Theresa says:

    Many thanks for this advice and useful links. I will follow them and have a look. best regards! theresa

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