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Ask Louise

I have a villa in the Ranches and want to build an outside maid’s room, but from what I am being told neither Emaar or the Dubai Municipality will give permits now. Can anyone give any advice? As a home owner this is very frustrating. Thanks

I appreciate your frustration! As I understood it the rule used to be you could build a maids room as long as it was not any higher than your boundary wall.  This of course meant building the room into the ground (ie steps down into the room).  I’m not sure if you have actually contacted Emaar or this is just what you have heard but the rules are constantly changing and I would urge you to contact Emaar  and see what they are saying .  Also, it would be worth talking to companies such as Farnek who may have been involved in building outside maids rooms in this area and will up to date on the current rules.

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  1. Currently Emmar is not giving approvals for the Maid;s room. For detailes you can email

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