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Ask Louise

Please advise about an upcoming amnesty here in Dubai. If a person wants to take advantage of this amnesty, can he/she come back to Dubai for a visit or employment visa?. Will they have a ban imposed? I have a friend who read from the news a week ago that there will be an undeclared amnesty this September to October 2012 and he would like to take this opportunity to go home but his main concern is, can he come back?

For this question I contacted our Immigration department and this what they answered:
‘Please note that we tried to search on an upcoming amnesty but couldn’t find any information, however please contact us for further information and clarification on this matter.

Information on Work Ban: Kindly note that if the company is registered under Ministry of Labour and he/she has not completed 2 years of employment with his/her current employer, he/she will be automatically banned by Ministry of Labour for 6 months.‎

He/She will be able to lift 6 months work ban if he/she should be paid by the new employer according to the educational qualification.‎

If an employee holds University/MBA degree, he/she should earn a minimum 12000 AED a month in order to lift the ban. Diploma holders (post secondary) should earn not less than 7000 AED and workers who have passed high school should be paid a minimum salary of 5000 AED. He/She will need to submit fully legalized educational certificates proving the qualification.‎

Kindly note that above rule is applicable if both, current and new employer are private companies registered with Ministry of Labour (outside a free zone).

For more information, kindly refer to the article available on our website:

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4 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for your kind reply Louise and for some information..About this amnesty that they couldn’t provide information. I have here myself a copy of gulf news where they published the said news last 04 September 2012, just want to know some procedure and effect if my friend avail this. Thank you!

  2. Fatima says:

    Hi there..Can someone help me about my friend whose in need of some advice regarding the declared amnesty here in Dubai. She is overstay here for 4-years and now want to avail this amnesty for her to go home. What is the procedure to get an out passes where she present to the immigration when she go home? And is there any case/s that someone who leave UAE in an amnesty period can go back and work or might have a valid residence or working visa? Because maybe in the future she may decide to come back again. Does she have any immigration ban? Please advice. Anyone’s answer is much appreciated

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