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Ask Louise

I want to resign and leave the company where I am working for the last 3 Months.  However, I am still in my probation period. I hold a DMCC FREEZONE VISA. I would like to know if I am liable to pay any expenses and am I free to resign any time?

On the basis of what you have told me ie If I am liable to pay any expenses? This detail would be in your employment/contract it depends on your employer. However, if you resign you need to find a new job who will sponsor your employment in order to stay and work in UAE. Please note you will need NOC letter from your current organization to obtain a new visa.

Following are the rules, you may be interested.

Termination of Employment
13.9 Where an employee’s contract of employment is terminated or expires and is not renewed both the Licensee and the employee must deliver a signed letter of confirmation, in such format as may be specified by the Authority from time to time, conforming that the employment has terminated and that the Licensee has paid and the employee has received all sums due and owing to the employee (including, without limitation, any applicable end of service gratuity payment).  Failure by the Licensee to promptly notify the Authority of a terminated employee will attract a fine as set out in the Tariff.

Absconding Employees
13.10 If an employee is absent from work without approval for seven (7) consecutive days or is otherwise believed to have absconded from his or her employment the Licensee must promptly file a report of such unauthorised absence with the Authority. The Licensee will be liable to pay all applicable fines (e.g. immigration fines) and fees (as set out in the Tariff) in relation to such absconding employee.

13.11 Failure by the Licensee to promptly notify the Authority of an absconding employee will attract a fine and penalties as set out in the Tariff.


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