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Ask Louise

We are just trying to work out our package we are being offered for a job in Dubai and want to ask is the air-conditioning expensive and do you need it on all year round.

That’s a hard question to answer as yes it is expensive but it depends on how long you have it on and if you live in a villa or an apartment.  Generally villas are expensive to air-condition and it obviously depends on the size of the villa. When you live in a villa the bill for the air-conditioning comes as part of the DEWA bill and this also includes the water which can also be expensive especially if you have a big garden. The DEWA bill also includes a municipality fee (like housing rates). No, you do not have to have the air-conditioning on in your villa all year round as the winter months (December-mid-March) are pleasant and you can easily have your air-conditioning switched off and the windows open.  Apartment living is different as many apartments include the air-conditioning bill with the rent.

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  1. Tena says:

    What is the most cost efficient way to manage your AC bill in a Villa? Keep them on constantly at a certain temp or turn them off when we are not around?

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