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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise.  Is Natural Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy legal in Dubai? If so, where can I find a doctor in Dubai that can do a hormone analysis of me and prescribe me these hormones or do I need to fly to London to get these? Thank you.

A Contact CosmeSurge +971 4 344 5915 who do this type of therapy in Dubai.

One Response to “Ask Louise”

  1. Mary says:

    I wrote to you about a year ago looking for a compound pharmacy in Kuwait, so that I could purchase bio-identical hormones. I thought I would return the gesture to you by informing you that there is a new compound pharmacy in DHCC, with a medical center in the Dubai Marina area. There website is: It is a new wellness center with doctors who can balance your homones, or just get you back to improved health. I thought this information would be valuable to you if other readers need this sort of information. As I walked out the door, I thanked the director for opening this clinic in Dubai, alas, a real wellness center for women and men. He told me that women are breaking down the door for bio-identical hormones which are natural and not the common HRT that you would be prescribed by your physician proven to have dangerous side effects on women.

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