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Ask Louise

ask louiseQuestionWhen a property changes owner with a sitting tenant inside. What should the new owner be doing according to UAE law?

Answer1Step Properties advises the following:

The new landlord has same rights and obligations as the last landlord.

This is the law, so you should not have to do anything, you are protected.

It is not mandatory, but if you want to be on the secure side,  check the following:
– the new title deed is on his name (so you will require this new doc from the new LL)
– your Ejari is registered with the new LL (because in case of issue if you want to go to the rental committee you will need these 2 names: yours and the new LL).
– to have a new Ejari done then you will need to ask the LL to sign this new contract (no change from any side, it is mandatory to protect you as a tenant: same conditions, same price, same dates, only the name of the LL change)

– to finish, as the new LL he will have to replace his name with the previous name on the DEWA bill (LL part) and update the system (it will then appear on your bill with the new LL name,  this does not change a thing for you, but this is the practice.

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