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Ask Louise

Q Am trying to have a healthier diet but I am finding it hard to find low-fat products, mainly dairy products, in Dubai. Do you have any idea where I can find fat-free or low fat cheeses as well as light coconut milk? I really don’t want to gain the “Dubai Stone” I keep hearing about. Thx

A For this answer I contacted Carole Holditch at Good Habits who has a wealth of experience in Dubai on where to buy healthy products and here is what she said “Dubai now has so much choice of low fat products. You were asking about cheese and you will find that several shops have a good selection. Carrefour, Waitrose, Spinneys and Choitrams all stock a selection of low fat versions. feta (Al Marai) Cheddar (Bega) Kraft Philly light are just a few of the cheeses on offer. Carrefour also do their own make low fat cream cheese and, goats cheese and brie.”

Light coconut milk is also available in the above stores, I would recommend Blue Dragon!

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