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Ask Louise

Q. Hi Louise! My house has been invaded by big black ants!! I have tried Raid and Pif Paf and those little ant catchers, and nothing is working, the ants just keep coming back. Can you recommend a company that can come and get rid of the little buggers for good? Will I need to do my garden as well?

Ant Hater!

A. Yes you must do your garden – it is actually much more important to do your garden than your house as the ants are escaping the heat of the garden at this time of year to come into the cool of your house. If you check on the Internet many people recommend natural remedies – lemon juice, vinegar, baby powder but none of these seem to sort out the ant problems in my house so I have usually turned to National Pest Control.  For the first time maybe get your garden and house done but after that just keep on top of it by getting your garden done and see if that does the trick. Remember to not water your garden for 24 hours after the pest control guys have been or you will wash all the medicine away.

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