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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise, just wondered if you could help me again (you gave me great advice re documents being attested). I have arrived in Dubai, my hubby is now resident, i have twins aged just over 2 and we are staying in serviced apartments at the moment, my children have not been well since we got here, just a week ago and I wondered what the procedure was on how to see a doctor. What are the basic costs? there is one we can use in the hotel but don’t know if this would be more expensive, I will be resident shortly so any advice would be helpful. Beverley

A Hi Beverley. Basically you just need to phone up and make an appointment. When you get there fill in a form with all your details. Don’t know who your insurance company is but some clinics have direct billing with certain insurance companies but with most it is pay and claim later. Charges all differ from clinic to clinic but approximately Dhs200 to Dhs300 for a visit and extra if they have to do any tests. Check out our directory for Doctors clinics. Hope the kids feel better soon and don’t hesitate to contact me with any more questions.

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