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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise, I am a full time working mum – working 60-70 hour weeks and my husband also works. My 18 month daughter is at home with a nanny all day as we cannot find a nursery that will take her for a full day i.e. 8.30am til 7pm? We live In jebel Ali Village and Work near Burj Khalifa. We would love for her to attend a nursery for 2 days a week We would like flexibility in days each week. Do these nurseries exist in Dubai for full time working mums and if so where? Thanks JM

A The only nursery that I can find that would be convenient for you is called Hummingbird Nursery tel 370 0449. They are located at DIFC and open till 7pm. Many other nurseries in Dubai do have late classes till 6pm but this one would be very convenient for you. I am not sure about how flexible they will be in days so it is best you give them a call.

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  1. Sarah Rogers says:

    Hi for such a young child this would be a very long day at nursery, and some of her time would be spend sleeping there! As you have a maid I suggest that you place your daugthter in a nursery for mornings only and then get your maid to pick her up at lunch times. This gives your daughter a chance to spend time with children and benefit from lots of activities while spending relaxing time at home in the afternoon with your maid, who can focus on doing things with your daughter as she has done all the housework in the morning. I would suggest a nursery near you such as Jebel Ali nurseries so your maid doesnt have to travel a long distance in a taxi – ( please take a car seat!!)
    Good luck Sarah Rogers Educational trainer and nursery consultant

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