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Ask Louise

Q Hey Louise:-) I am looking to buy a property in the UK (I am a non UK resident), but am finding it difficult to locate any expat mortgage advisors who can help me here in Dubai. Do you know any companies here that I could contact which would be able to advise me on the best steps and the best expat mortgages? Ideally I would like to speak to’s my first time trying to buy and all the websites I am finding are so overwhelming! I just need to pick up the phone! I know I can contact the banks directly but I would really like a company who can offer me more objective advice. Any advice or info would be much appreciated 🙂 thanks Carolina

A The best people to contact here in Dubai are actually Lloyds Bank and HSBC as they are the people with the best advice about UK mortgages having many branches in the UK but are actually based here too so understand any problems you may face by being based here. I know they are banks but they do have the most up to date information for you. Myself and many friends have recently taken out mortgages with these banks in Dubai for a purchase in the UK

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