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Ask Louise

Q Dear Louise, I leave in Greens, and I am expecting my first child in September. I will have 1 month and a half leave from my work. I have a too small apartment to have a maid at home. Can you help me please to find the best solution to know how to find a trustful person who will take care of my baby? Who do I have to contact? How much it will cost me? Thank you so much for your answer.

A I contacted Mumcierge for the answer to this question and this is what they said.
A company called Emirates Home Nursing can provide nannies in your home that are fully trained nurses – I am finding that mum’s that are only having the 45 days maternity as per UAE law are leaning towards nannies with a nursing background (probably as the baby is so young it is nice to have that peace of mind) – contact details of one that I can recommend as very professional are below:

Joanna Range
Commercial Manager
PO Box 117281, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 396 3137, Fax: +971 4 396 9723

Failing that she could contact this company as they do provide babysitting services paid for by the hour, but I do not have any experience of them:

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