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Ask Louise

Q Hi, we are Canadians planning to move to Dubai. Is there any Canadian curriculum schools in Dubai. If not, what is the school to go to?

A No, there are no Canadian curriculum schools in Dubai. Many Canadians choose to send their children to Dubai American Academy or American School of Dubai which both offer a US curriculum. Many others choose to study the International Baccalaureate which can be studied at a growing number of schools here in Dubai such as Jumeirah Baccalaureate School, Uptown and Greenfield School from primary ages and Wellington, Repton, JESS & Dubai American Academy in Year 12. However there is also many Canadian students at schools studying the English National Curriculum. There are many excellent schools to go to in Dubai but many have waiting lists so it is worth contacting lots of the schools as it also the length of the waiting lists depends on what ages your children are. Generally it is harder to get into schools if you have young children.

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