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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise, We are moving to Dubai (probably before the end of the summer). I would like to go back to work later this year and most likely it would be at the DIFC. . Do you know of any good schools that aren’t too long a drive from the DIFC? My kids are 6 and 2. Many thanks Kind Regards Tara

A DIFC is very centrally located so there are many good schools near DIFC but not actually in the DIFC. Good schools near DIFC includes Dubai English Speaking School, Jumeirah English Speaking School, English College Primary, Jumeirah Primary School and Wellington Primary School. Your 2 year old will have to go to Kindergarten/Nursery and there are many near this area including Hummingbird Nursery in DIFC but go to our nursery school directory for a complete listing and map.

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