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Ask Louise

Louise, I have large feet and struggle to get shoes here. Do you know anywhere that stocks larger sizes or someone that makes shoes please.  I take a 43 or 44 UK9+ thanks so much!

This seems to be a huge problem in Dubai – just had this same conversation with my friend this morning with regards to her daughters feet.  My answer is it is really hit or miss some shops may have the odd size 9+.  I have noticed in some of the shopping malls that have shops such as “Brands for Less“, “Shoe City” etc that these shops often  carry bigger sizes.  If anyone out there can help me with this question I would love to hear from them.

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  1. Majorie says:

    Hello Louise and person who asked this question,

    I was reading the message about shoe sizes, and as I am a reporter for Emirates 24/7, I would like to do an article on the issue.
    Would any one of you be interested to speak out about this problem so I could quote you?
    If so, you can contact me at

    Greets Majorie

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