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Ask Louise – Activities for Teens in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionWe are from NZ and my 2 children aged 16 and 13 have just moved to Dubai to live with me.

I am at a loss on how I keep them busy with activities and meeting other kids their age, my work is very demanding and I can only do so much with them can you please give me some direction of teen clubs that they can join and share things kids their age enjoy.

I would be grateful for some direction or help.

AnswerMost kids in Dubai make friendship groups through schools and outside sporting or hobby activities.  There are many very active rugby,  football and netball clubs both for boys and girls.  If your children are into the arts and drama then Ductac is a great place to look for activities.  Theatre companies such as Popular Productions regularly put on shows which many teens in Dubai get involved with.  If your kids like to skateboard they can visit Skate Biladi or the skate park at The Springs or Arabian Ranches.  Spring board and platform diving has also become very popular and classes take place at Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Sports Complex in Dubai with Dudive.

A lot of the older teens go to the gym and keep fit through running etc.  When it is the holidays Expat Echo Dubai publishes a list of all the camps going on in town which they can attend or your older one could enquire about helping at.

For all sporting activities click here for a full list and for hobbies click here.

There is a club teens can join which run events, beach parties, sporting experiences and gigs exclusively for teens called Teen Club Culture.

Rest assured after a couple of months you will be wishing you hadn’t asked me this question as their social life will be better than yours!  If you cannot take them to the activities encourage them to use the metro and if they have to get a taxi it is better that they go with friends and they should always call or text you with the roof colour of the taxi and the taxi individual Id number which is on the side of the taxi ie N123.

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