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Ask Louise – Additional English Lessons in Schools

ask louiseQuestionGood day, I am currently under job offer for Dubai. I am a single mother (divorced) with 2 kids, 8 & 13 years old. If everything goes well, we will be moving this summer. I know I am late for the schools. My daughter does not speak English very well, and my son of 8 does not speak the language at all. What about the schools? Are there special programs ? Thank you for helping me.


AnswerYour child will need to speak English to enter any of the International schools here in Dubai.  School places for this year particularly, are very tight so before accepting the job I recommend you check that you can get your children into a school here in Dubai.   Please see the school directory for school contact details.

When you do get your children into a school they should also undertake English lessons over the summer period.  If at this stage you are in Dubai there will be English Language Programmes run by GEMS, International House, and Eton Institute.  If they are still struggling with English when they enter the school then some schools for example Greenfield Community School and some schools in the GEMS group of schools run English Additional Language courses to assist students to become proficient in English.

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