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Ask Louise – After School Care?

ask louiseQuestionMy family and I are planning on moving to Dubai shortly and we have 2 kids, 1 and 3 years old. Both my husband and I will work and I’ve been looking into schools for next year for my older son and I’ve noticed that school timings for  K1 is either 12.30 to 1.30 pm. What do people do with their kids after 1.30 if both parents are working? Is a nanny the only solution? I can’t find a school with later timings or Extra Curricular Activities offered to K1 kids.

AnswerThis is a big problem in Dubai and you will find that some schools do offer this facility but only if the child has a sibling higher up the school.  If your children are only 1 and 3 years of age then they do not have to go into a school they can go to nursery and many nurseries offer care up to 6pm.  Schools such as Dubai English Speaking School and Jebel Ali Primary School start when the children are going to be 5 years old anytime from the September to August.  This class is known as Reception.

However, GEMS World Academy does run an ‘After School Care’ program  up to 3.30 pm and Star International School Umm Sheif offers extra curricular activities for FS 1.  But, to be honest  if you are going to both be working full time a good full time house maid will be the best option and I would also recommend trying to live in a community near a school so if the house maid is coming to pick the children up then she does not have to travel far.

Other situations that may arise and cause problems if you do not have help are for example today is a public holiday and schools are on holiday but not all private companies are on holiday or the extra-curricular activity may get cancelled etc.

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