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Ask Louise – Amnesty Ban for Family

ask louiseQuestionMy family (wife and 3 children) overstayed and took advantage of the Amnesty and left the country in first week of Jan 2013. We asked and immigration authorities at Al Aweer who assured us that there is no ban on families, especially when they were here on a legal visa but did not renew, and they can get a new permanent residence visa within a day or two once they exit the country. I’m about to apply for their new visas but hearing a lot of news that those who availed 2012 Amnesty are either getting permanently black listed or a temporary ban, starting from 6 months up to unlimited. I would therefore request you to please confirm if this is a fact or just a rumour.

AnswerIt completely depends on the case of the applicant. The sponsor needs to check with the main immigration first and then apply for his family.

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