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Ask Louise – Compulsory Arabic

ask louiseQuestionI have to move to Dubai from Muscat as part of an inter-company transfer and my main concern is the compulsory study of Arabic in Dubai schools. The plan is to move in time for next school year, which means I need to apply to different schools in Oct this year.

I have 2 daughters, one in Grade 4 and the other Grade 9 so I would be seeking their admission in Dubai to Grades 5 & 10 respectively – I just need to confirm that Arabic as a second language is not compulsory for Grade 10 (my elder one has taken French as a language at school for past few years)

Really appreciate some feedback on the above.

AnswerArabic in international schools (eg schools following English curriculum, CBSE etc) is only compulsory until the end of year 9.

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