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Ask Louise – Cost of Living in Dubai

ask louiseI am just wondering if a salary of 25K per month is enough to live over there (and the most important of my question) may I  be able to save some money for my future? To compare I am living in Switzerland and with a similar position I am able to save around 2000 USD per month in Zurich.

Yes, this is enough to live on in Dubai (and save) however, it is all dependent on what your circumstances are ie do you have a family?  If you are single then you will definitely be able to get decent accommodation, have a car (not always necessary depending on where you live and work) and enjoy a good social life.  However, if you are bringing a family over you will of course have to pay out for bigger accommodation, school fees etc and then things will be a bit tighter.  Please check out our Community Guides to give you an idea on the cost of different areas.  If you are single I would suggest you look at apartment living in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Beach Residence.  Eating out costs probably less than Switzerland but it is the cost of alcohol that puts the bill up quite considerably.  Public transport is very cheap and of course the price of fuel is very, very cheap so many people do own their own cars which are cheaper than Europe. Best of all remember your salary will be tax free.


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