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Ask Louise – Cost of Living

ask louiseQuestionI am on a true dilemma at the moment … I have been offered a job which could potentially bring me about AED 30000-35000 per month  (and with great prospects for the future). My plan is to bring my wife and 5 year old daughter to Dubai but having checked various sites I understand that houses and education is a great expense.

I am calculating for AED 100,000 per/yr for a house AED 3,500AED/month for primary education AED 1,500AED/month to lease a car and about AED 4,000AED/ for paying bills and groceries. Because I have not received yet my contract I do not know if medical cover is provided for myself and family so that’s something I was unable to factor in the equation.

I have been living in the UK for 13 years now and I would not want to make such a change and end up even in money or saving 5,600AED/month. I was hoping for at least a definite  AED11,000-16,000 per month to make it worthwhile.

AnswerRealistically your estimates are a little under budget.  Villas will cost more than AED100,000 you would need to budget for minimum AED 120,000 and up but this all depends on the area.  Apartment living will be slightly cheaper and you will be able to secure an apartment for  AED 100,000 and less depending on location.

School budget is also slightly under – again it depends on what school your child gets into but fees range from AED 11,500 to AED 23,000 (approx) per term.

Bills and groceries would also be a lot more – budget on at least AED 4000 per month food & incidental  expenses. Electricity and water could be anything from AED 1200 and up depending on size of house etc.

There is also a 5 percent municipality fee to be added to your rental each year (5% of your rent).

Medical insurance is a must to have.

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