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Ask Louise – Documents Required for Giving Birth in Dubai

I will give birth at the American Hospital, Dubai next week and I would like to know what are the correct documents required to get the birth notification, because they said to get the birth certificate (which is 30 days after delivery) the contract should be attested from our home country first, which we did. However, my question is can we give the copy to the hospital or they need the original attested.

Once you deliver the baby you will need to fill a form given by the hospital and then you will be given birth notification from the hospital. This notification along with the below documents should be taken to Al Baraha Preventive Medical Center to get the Birth certificate of child:

  1. Original passport and passport copy of parents
  2. Original legalized marriage certificate and a copy of legalized marriage certificate.

You do not need to provide any document to American Hospital, Dubai, only the form which they will supply her after the delivery to fill and return back to them, so that they can give her birth notification.

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