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Ask Louise | Driving License Expiry

ask louiseQuestionWe lived for 2 years in Ras Al Khaimah  and now return after 2 years in Europe. We have another sponsor so I wonder if our driving licences are still valid?  Is that related to sponsor/company you work for or not ?

AnswerThe Driving License is not linked with a Visa, The Driving License will be valid if it is not passed the expiry date mentioned on the license.

2 Responses to “Ask Louise | Driving License Expiry”

  1. sajin says:

    I have a Valid qatar driving licence and now I am in uae now. Is my qatar driving licence can transfer to dubai driving licence. I am a indian passport holder.

    • Louise says:

      No, you have to be a passport holder of one of the approved countries for transfer of driving license which India is not.

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