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Ask Louise – Dubai Hair

I am a 22 year old female and suffering from extreme hair loss is it possible it is Dubai? and any recommendations for doctors treatments etc. at the end of my rope here.

This is quite a common problem in Dubai. There is a shower head adaptor called ‘Blu‘ which is a filter that removes the chloride from the water which is quite often the cause of the hair loss.  I have seen a stall outside Ikea selling this product. I would also recommend you contact the ‘Hair Doctor’.  Here is an article we posted on Expat Echo Dubai recently relating to this topic.

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  1. Ashraf Ansari says:

    I m 25 years old male suffering extreme hair loss after coming in uae ,i used nijoral shampoo wash hair by mineral water every 2nd day& i also used hair leaser comb daily 5minutes…plz give me some recommendation for doctor or give some tips to protect hair loss

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