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Ask Louise – Eviction because of Pet

ask louiseQuestionI relocated to Dubai from Scotland with my pet dog diva. I rented a 1 bed apartment and was told that as long as she didn’t disturb the neighbors it was fine. Nothing is mentioned in the contract about pets which I believe is standard out here. After 3 days of living here the security stopped me and told me no pets are allowed and management are issuing eviction notices for anyone with dogs.

AnswerAs your tenancy contract doesn’t include a clause stating that pets are not allowed, there is no legal ground for you to be evicted from your apartment.

In case the landlord refuses to renew the tenancy contract without a legal reason, then you can file a complaint with the Rent Committee.  If the landlord wants to evict you they must notify the tenant through the Notary Public or by registered mail.

Please note the official website which details the Laws and Regulations:

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