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Ask Louise – Fund-Raising in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionI am trying to find out about the laws and regulations with regards to fund rising, there was an article in the National a while ago saying it is against the law to fund raise with out permission from the authorities but I can’t seem to find anything else about it. I would hate to raise for money for a good cause and then lose it because I didn’t have the correct permissions. Do you happen to know anything about this law I have emailed IACAD but no one ever gets back to me

AnswerAll fund-raising must have permission from IACAD.   In order to do so, you may need to partner with one of the charities authorised here. You could try going through the IHC (International Humanitarian City – +971 4 368-0202) to find out the rules and regulations.  If the charity for which you wish to fund-raise is UAE-based or at least has a presence here, you would be well advised to ask that charity for their help

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