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Ask Louise | General Questions about living in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionCurrently I am Melbourne – Australia and have been offered a job  Dubai. Waiting for my visa process and planning to move to Dubai at the end of Jan 2015. My plan is to initially move to a serviced apartment near to office and the family can join later.

Hope you will be able to help me to get the following information:

* What is the best property web site to find the service apartments?
* Do I need a car for commute? Can I rely on public transport for daily life?
* I prefer home made foods. Are there any services that provide home made foods to apartments ?

AnswerHere is our list of serviced apartments in Dubai.

Public transport has improved tremendously over the last few years with the introduction of the Metro, additional bus routes and more recently the tram.  If you choose your accommodation well eg on a metro line (or with access to feeder bus to metro) then you will be able to manage.  A few larger companies also offer bus transportation to and from their offices. The majority of schools have bus services (for an extra fee) to transport the children to and from school.  Please be aware though that between the months of May and October the weather is extremely hot so you will not want to be walking any large distances.  Owning a car in Dubai is relatively cheap (petrol very cheap) plus renting a car is a good option too as you do not have the additional costs of servicing.  If you let me know your office location and your budget for accommodation I can advise you where the best options for accommodation would be.

Yes, there are quite a few companies offering home made food direct to your door step.  See Expat Echo Dubai’s list of companies.

One Response to “Ask Louise | General Questions about living in Dubai”

  1. Manoj Nair says:

    Hi Louise,

    Thank You very much for the information.

    I am waiting for my office location where I need to report and work. Will let you know as soon as I receive the info.

    Appreciated your help.

    Manoj Nair

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