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Ask Louise – Healthcare in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionMy husband works in Dubai, he should soon get is working Visa. I’m pregnant and still in England, after I give birth in the UK, we are planning to go to Dubai and all be together. What do I need to do? Do I let my husband work take care of everything or is it my responsibility? Do you know anything about the health-care in Dubai, as my baby will only be about a month a two I will need to keep up with the vaccinations, its free in the UK, is it still free in Dubai?

AnswerOnce your husband has his residency visa he can sponsor the family.  He can handle everything, however you will need to go for blood tests for your residency visa.  These are the documents you will need

1. Passport copy of sponsor with copy of Residence Permit stamp from the passport – Residence Permit must be valid
2. Passport copy of wife and baby – passports must be valid at least 6 months
3. 8 passport size photographs on a white background for wife and baby
4. Original and copy of fully legalized Marriage certificate
5. Original and copy of fully legalized Birth certificate of the baby
6. Original and copy of Tenancy contract attested by Land department
7. Original and copy of Employment contract (for employee of private company registered with Ministry of Labor – outside a fee zone) OR original and copy of Salary Certificate issued by a free zone (for free zone employees).

The health care system in Dubai is excellent.  There is both government and private health care.  For the government services you will need to first obtain a health card which costs AED 300 adult & AED 100 child (plus AED 200 for medical examination) however, the charges at the government clinics are less than private clinics.  Vaccinations are not free and not usually covered by your health insurance which it is highly recommended that you have.

Please read here to learn more about vaccinations which your child needs while living in Dubai.

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