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Ask Louise – How to Meet Other Teens in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionAny ideas to help my shy daughter (18 year) to meet teens and make friends? At the moment she is attending an English course in the morning but all the students are women 10-20 years older than herself.  We live in Dubai Marina.

AnswerI would suggest she takes up a hobby such as a sport or drama/theatre.  Sports companies such as DuPlays have a variety of sports on offer which attract the older teen.  Ductac is a creative arts and theatre centre that hosts many interesting courses ranging from photography, pottery, art, dance and theatre.  Many of their courses are aimed at the teen.  It is also worth her logging onto a face book page called Teen Talk Middle-East who host quite a few events.   If your child plays an instrument she may be interested in joining the Dubai Youth Orchestra.  Volunteer for some local charities for example All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai look for teenagers to interact with some of their children, helping out on trips etc.

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