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Ask Louise – How to Meet People in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionHi we are new in Dubai and would like to meat new friends how do we go about it? We are from South-Africa but was living in Germany before we moved here.

Answer‘Join A Group’ in is my best bit of advice I can give anyone who is new to Dubai.

This is simple if you are living here with children get involved with the school parents group or  if you are into sport join a sport whether it’s rugby, tennis, golf, dragon boating, sailing, aqua aerobics there is a group here (see our sport directory).  Maybe you are into a hobby, again there are groups here from natural history through to scrap booking. The other great way of meeting people is touching base with the social clubs. The South African Women’s Association has regular meet-ups.

The great thing about Dubai is nearly everyone at one time or the other has been the new person so we all know what it feels like.  Dubai is a very transient society so groups whether it be the school, sports, hobby or social are always open and willing to welcome the new arrival.

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