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Ask Louise | Maintenance on Rental Property

ask louiseQuestionOur landlord is refusing to pay for maintenance work in our villa even though it quite clearly states in the contract that he will – is this allowed.

AnswerThe answer is NO. He cannot change the terms of any contract without giving 90 days notice in addition to this the law states “unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the landlord will, during the term of the lease contract, be responsible for the Real Property’ maintenance works and for repairing any defect or damage that may affect the Tenants intended use of the Real property”

2 Responses to “Ask Louise | Maintenance on Rental Property”

  1. shamil says:

    we have been renting a property for about 10 months. our fridge freezer broke down for the second time in these months. informed our landlord and he has told us that the warranty on all appliances has run out, he will therefore not be paying nor will be responsible for any repairs. can he do that? how do we deal with this ?

    • Louise says:

      It depends what was written in the rental contract – does it say he covers maintenance of white goods?

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