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Ask Louise – Mobile Phones

ask louiseQuestionI am moving to Dubai in two weeks working as a senior level architect, and am trying to find out about phones and phone service in UAE.  I’m coming from the United States and trying to find out if our phones will work over there or what’s the best option for service.

Any help or connection to someone who could help would greatly be appreciated.

AnswerYou will need to find out first of all if your phones are ‘locked’ ie can only be used with a service provider in the States.  You will also need an adapter to charge your phone over here.  Our plug points are 3 pin and the voltage is 220/240. There are two telephone companies that provide the service DU and Etisalat both which have mobile phone packages ranging from packages for just local calls and social media through to packages where you can use your phone internationally and data packages. Like other countries there are packages that include the phone as well.  All the packages are listed on their websites.  To get going straight away it is convenient to subscribe to a pre-paid service with one of the providers where you just buy vouchers to top-up as and when you need.  This does not lock you into yearly contracts etc.

Please also check out Expat Echo Dubai section How to Set up a Mobile Phone

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