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Ask Louise | Nursery Schools in Dubai

ask louiseQuestionI’m a British citizen and I recently received a job offer in Dubai, and had a few questions as I’m largely unfamiliar with the country.

I have a 2.8 year old daughter, and given my ludicrous proposed schedule, I will need her to attend a preschool that can accommodate her from around 7:30 AM till around 6:00 PM from Saturdays through Wednesdays/Thursdays (my days off are Thursdays and Fridays, and would therefore like to share those days with my daughter). It’s fine if I had to enroll her at a separate “camp”-like center on Saturdays.

I was wondering if there were good (competitive, academically/emotionally sound) preschool/after-school programs that can accommodate my needs that cost up to AED 36-40,000  per annum?

Also, is Islamic education mandatory. or is it optional for expats?

AnswerThere are many nursery and day-care centres in Dubai offering half-day and full day programs however,  you may find it hard to find a nursery that actually operates on a Saturday as most operate a Friday/Saturday weekend and if you are requiring these hours I think you will have to be prepared to pay more.  Islamic education is not mandatory for children who are not of Muslim faith but Arabic language lessons is compulsory from year 1 (5-6 years).  Please click here to see a list of nursery schools in Dubai

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