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Ask Louise – Permanent Baby Sitter

ask louiseQuestionHello Louise, please could you help me with information on babysitting services but I require a babysitter 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Most companies in Dubai charge on an hourly basis but I need a baby sitter to permanently come home 5 days a week till my baby is 2-3yrs old. Right now she is only a month old.

AnswerIn essence you want a full time maid.  For this I would suggest you contact Howdra Cleaning Services as they offer a maid service for a monthly fee only for the term of contract.   Howdra offer a service where you can have a full time maid living with you (I know you don’t want this exact service)  but they pay for maids flights, maids health insurance scheme, maids end of service gratuity  maids agency fees and the maids  salary.  They also offer normal part-time maid service so it maybe worth contacting them as they maybe able arrange a flat monthly rate for you.  Another company I would contact is The Perfect Help.

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