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Ask Louise – Phones and Laptops

ask louiseQuestionI am moving back to Dubai next month after an 8 year absence…was there from 2001-2005.  Obviously a lot has changed in that time and so I need to know the following:

  • Can I bring a smart phone from South America ( Chile where I live), get it unblocked and then take up a phone contract out there?
  • Also I am wondering whether to sell my laptop here or bring it over…the question is the voltage etc….is it worth / necessary to get a transformer to use over there?
  • Hire cars….which is the most reliable / cheapest company for hiring cars during a 3 month period ( whilst I get my visa, driving licence sorted etc).?

Am sure I will have more questions but for now these would be enough.

AnswerIf your phone is unlocked you can use it on the GSM network.  The voltage here is 220 which I believe is the same as Chile so you will be able to use your laptop here without using a transformer.  With regards to cheap car hire companies you can try Diamond Lease, Go Rent A Car or Alice Rent A Car

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