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Ask Louise – School Availability

ask louiseQuestionI am due to relocate to Dubai next August, but still all the paper work has not been completed so I am  really concerned about  finding school places for my 3 years boy who should go into FS1 this September and I am even slightly concerned about his sister who will start FS1 the following year.  Is it still possible to find a good school for my son and daughter as the schools will start next September and I will not arrive till late August?

AnswerYou need to start contacting the schools this week.  Click here for a list of all the schools.  Most schools will be finishing around the 27th June however the administration departments will be open for a longer period.  Some schools such as Dubai English Speaking School do not run an FS1 so therefore you could register your child to start in September 2014 and let him have a year at nursery which is easier to get into.  Please click here for nursery directory. Little GEMS Al Barsha will be opening this September and have an FS1 class so they would be worth contacting too.

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