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Ask Louise – School Days

ask louiseQuestionHello – There’s a strong possibility that my husband will be getting a new job and we will be relocated to Dubai. I have been on many different websites regarding life in Dubai. One thing I saw on-line is that kids attend school on Sundays. I also read how the weekend in many Middle East countries is Thursday and Friday. I just wanted to ask someone who lives in Dubai if this is the case for all schools for younger children (my eldest daughter is 5 and youngest just turned 2). We have lived the expat life for quite some time in other countries and have had to adjust to different cultures but sending my kids to school on Sunday seems difficult to adjust to especially when my husband will be working 9am – 9pm Mon – Fri for the first year so he will hardly get to see our girls. Can you please provide some tips on this and if all schools require the children to attend school Sunday – Thurs in Dubai? If this deal comes off for my husband we will move at the end of March of this year and with all the waiting lists, I am guessing my eldest daughter would not start school until September?? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

AnswerAll the schools operate from Sunday to Thursday. Your 2 year old does not have to go to school at this stage every day as she can attend nursery and you can choose what days you want to send her.  You may be able to get into school coming to Dubai at this time of the year as if any places are to become available at anytime after January the place is filled by people from outside of Dubai as you cannot move between schools in Dubai between January and July (when term ends). Trust me you do get used to the kids going to school on a Sunday but understand it will be difficult with your husband initially working a Monday to Friday week.

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